Spark Networks (Networks integrate: JDate, ChristianMingle, LDSSingles, JSwipe, Zoosk)

Spark Networks (Networks integrate: JDate, ChristianMingle, LDSSingles, JSwipe, Zoosk)

  • There’s two strategies to send an issue through software, either through email communications together with the accused user or his / her visibility. Both means tend to be comparable.
  • Go through the three dots inside upper best area of this profile or emails of the person. Choose report, select a category for the event and click pass.
  • In a browser, follow the exact same procedure, except the 3 dots to submit will be at the base right of this profile.
  • Already obstructed the member and/or message record was deleted? Reach out to customer service. Every app and site possess a a€?Helpa€? category under a€?Settingsa€? to attain down directly to the organization.


  • Submit a demand to Grindr using the internet by going to.
  • There are 2 strategies to submit a gender attack experience through the Grindr app:
    • Havena€™t clogged or started clogged of the accused user? Go to the usera€™s profile page through a€?Messagesa€? or the a€?Tapsa€? user interface underneath the a€?Messagesa€? button on the bottom menu. Touch the usera€™s visibility and then the three dots during the top best corner. Simply click a€?Report.a€? Therea€™s no particular way to document a sexual attack or rape. Document for a€?Harassment or Bullyinga€? as an alternative and describe what happened next screen.
    • Need obstructed or started clogged because of the implicated user? Visit profile and select a€?Settings.a€? This will pull-up multiple possibilities, such as a€?Support.a€? Click a€?Supporta€? in order to find the key on top best area that appears like a pencil publishing on paper. Mouse click they and a€?Start a discussion.a€? Prepare a narrative and can include screenshots to send directly to Grindr support.


  • Send a request to Scruff using the internet at
  • Discover three straight ways to submit an event through the Scruff app:
    • Havena€™t obstructed or been obstructed of the implicated user? Go to the usera€™s visibility page and engage the three dots or the group with a line through it when you look at the top proper area. Engage a€?Report.a€?
    • Have actually blocked the accused user? Visit settings and select a€?Manage Hides/Blocks.a€? See that usera€™s current identity. Click the consumer to submit. This will unblock her or him. Research that consumer by name and prevent her or him with the over direction.
    • Currently clogged because of the accused individual or dona€™t wish to unblock an individual to report them? select a€?Settings.a€? This may pull-up numerous solutions, including a€?Contact Scruff Support.a€? Underneath the loss, simply click a€?New service demand.a€? Head to a web page requesting the kind of assistance and a contact mail. Therea€™s not a chance to submit a sex assault document per se, but a€?Profile Guidelines Violationa€? allows users to record an abuse ailment.


  • Publish a report or complaint to Adam4Adam on line by visiting
  • To report the accused individual, first block him or her.
    • To block about Adam4Adam websites, visit the usera€™s profile. Regarding the remaining, click the a€?Block This Usera€? button. Click continue. After the user try obstructed, Adam4Adam directs an email confirmation. The e-mail features a a€?Report Usera€? hyperlink.
    • To stop regarding the Adam4Adam application, go right to the usera€™s visibility and, under the superstar icon from the right, simply click a€?More.a€? Mouse click a€?Block This Usera€? and verify. Adam4Adam will send a confirmation mail. On it, therea€™s a a€?Report Usera€? website link.
    • Report a concern through myspace by drive messaging the Adam4Adam Facebook page right here


  • To report an accused individual through his/her visibility, go right to the visibility webpage immediately after which:
    • Scroll toward webpage bottom and click the a€?Block and Reporta€? switch.
    • Choose one of the reasons for reporting and include any extra opinions.
    • Mouse click a€?Submit document.a€?
  • To document an accused user through talks regarding the software, go directly to the talk with this user then:
    • Click the three dots when you look at the best right spot of this web page.
    • Mouse click a€?Block and Document.a€?
    • Identify the primary reason for deciding to make the report and provide any additional comments.
    • Simply click a€?Submit Report.a€?
  • E-mail a study to Bumble at [email secure] .

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